Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

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Recently most people own mobile phone.  The development of mobile phone is fast. Todays most students carry their mobile phone at school. Why does mobile phone user increase dramatically in recent years? Because the feature and functions has increased. Mobile phone is not used just for calling, but sending text, taking pictures, recording videos, accessing internet, playing games and much more. Besides that, mobile phone has also become a lot cheaper. Now this communication device does not only fill the pocket of adult but also teenager and student.  A lot of mobile phone  are intentionally designed to teenaged market. There are many reasons for both sides of the question. Is it necessary if mobile phone should be banned from schools?
A mobile phone has its advantages and usefulness but it also has negative effects. first mobile phone can disturb teaching and learning process. Many students  bring their mobile phone at schools. Some pupils let their mobile phone ring in class. So that, Many schools do not allow students to bring cell phones to school. It is very reasonable because bringing phone to school potentially disrupts the learning process. Most students use cell phones irresponsibly. They use cell phones to talk to their friend during class time. I think mobile phone should be switched off on school premises, just as they are suppossed to be on airplane. They could be allowed to switch on again at going home time. At work, employess are expected to switch off their mobile phones during meetings so why cannot children be prepared for life after school. Second, the facilities of the mobile phone can influence students to do something wrong. Browsing pornographic site is the dangerous one.. third,They also use the calculator and camera features in the class as well. Those potentially lead less concentration in the time of learning and teaching process. Fourth,Students go to school to learn and behave fair way. Learning in school is to behave fair not cheating . But, Mobile phones provide a large temptation to cheat in tests. They can communicate to anyone and almost anywhere in the world. Because of the small size of the cell phone, students can send a text quietly and discreetly. The text can go unnoticed anywhere to get help on answering tests, homework, and other class assignment.
On the other hand, mobile phone gives advantages. first mobile phone influences many students to try this kind of communication tool. Students expect to be able to contact each other  on mobils easily. Second,Most parents give a mobile phone to their children because it is useful when they are in emergency. Sometimes the children need to be picked up from school and they need something important which is left at home, so their parents can take it. Third, mobile phone can be used to play games and play music so it can lose a boring situation.
In conclusion, parents must control their children when using their mobile phone. Beside that, when students  enter school, they are under the protection of the teacher. They are easily contactable  through the school administration office when there is a problem occurs. So students do not need mobile phone at school. I also think that mobile phone should be banned at school.

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